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Hatisha Almond

Titles: Community/Parent Liaison

Shrala Askin

Titles: Teacher-Pre K Lead Certified

Phyllis Ballard

Titles: Parapro/Title I

Yazmina Beverly

Titles: Media Specialist

Shannon Briley

Titles: Teacher-Third Grade

Keith Bryant

Titles: Student Engagement Specialist

Tammy Bush

Titles: Teacher-Second Grade

Heather Castanien

Titles: Teacher-Third Grade

Visha Chatman

Titles: Teacher-Early Intervention 4-5

Shanice Clark

Titles: Campus Kids

Hazel Clayton

Titles: Long-term Sub

Lavina Covin

Titles: Teacher-Fourth Grade

Roxanne Dixon

Titles: Principal-Elementary

Lauren Farmer

Titles: Teacher-Fifth Grade

Loretta Ford

Titles: Teacher-Interrelated Spec Ed

Tracie Forrester

Titles: Teacher-First Grade

Darlene Foster

Titles: Parapro/Sped Interrelated

Kawanna Fountain

Titles: Teacher-Interrelated Spec Ed

Jared Fowler

Titles: Ast Principal-Elementary

Lisa Gilbert

Titles: Parapro/Kindergarten

Daphne Goodson

Titles: Teacher-First Grade

Kristal Green

Titles: Teacher-Early Intervention Sc 2nd

Syrika Grissom

Titles: School Secretary I

Denise Gross

Titles: Teacher-Autism-Adapted Curr.

Ebony Hayes

Titles: Teacher-Early Intervention Sc 3rd

Roberta Heater

Titles: Teacher-Fourth Grade

Sandra Hensley

Titles: Parapro/Kindergarten

Theavy Hieb

Titles: Custodian Ii

Gail Hillery

Titles: Pre K Lead Teacher Non-Cert

Niecy Hines

Titles: Teacher-Gifted Ece